'I exchanged a bunch of emails with Ella Greenwood and was really excited to lend a hand to the project as it hits a lot of things that are personal to me. The story deals with friendship, dreams, and depression. Ella and her team aim to promote teenage mental health awareness.
I've lost too many friends to suicide and having battled some of my own personal demons over the years, instantly connected to the characters Ella created in the story.'
- Owen Palmiotti, Consulting Producer
'How could I not support Faulty Roots and it’s talented producer Ella Greenwood! 
Sometimes one gets ‘this feeling’; the project is special.'
- Ruth DesRoches, Associate Producer
'I came across the film project “Faulty Roots” on Twitter. The Indiegogo fundraising link popped up on my feed. They must have read my mind. Twitter somehow knew I am an absolute sucker for people trying to raise money for good causes. I also find it hard to resist a passion project— and this is one project that, while not my own, is centered around a topic very near and dear to me.' 
-Jennifer Van Haitsma, Writer of The Article 'Exploring Teen Depression'
'What an important film!! I have a 12 and 14 year old daughter and this is something we openly talk about. I lost one of my best friends to suicide in college. My 14 year old had a unit on suicide prevention in her health class this year, so I’m glad we are discussing it and bringing attention to it. I hope the project is wildly successful! Thank you for bringing this important story to us.'
-A comment by Jess on the Article about Faulty Roots 'Exploring Teen Depression'

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